■ All fees are payable in advance either by cash or by cheque on monthly basis from 1st to 10th of every month between 10.00 a.m. & 02.00 p.m..
■ If fees for a month is due for any student, a fine of INR 100/- will be applicable.
■ Fees can be deposited in advance for any number of months or for the full session if it is desired.
■ Fee can/will be paid by A/c Payee Cheque drawn in favour of Krishna Public School, Nohar.
■ The date of presentation of the cheque will be treated as date of payment provided the cheque is not dishonoured.
■ Any bounced cheque will be considered as non-payment of fees. & fine is 500/- .
■ Parents should keep the Cash receipts as a proof of their payment and shall produce whenever asked by the shcool authority to do so.
■ No fee concession will be given.
■ Parents are requested to give correct particulars such as Admn. No., Name, Class & Section of the student while depositing the fee.
■ Student admitted at any given period of session, fees for the whole academic year will be realised.